Well we know food is fuel. It is important to fill in the fight fuel in your body to maintain good health. We do not give much importance to alkaline food rather lot of us do not know what are alkaline food. Every food has pH value. Now what is pH vaule? pH is is short form of potential of hydrogen. When we talk about food , pH value tells us whether the food is acidic or alkaline. The range of pH is 1-14. At 1 the food is extremely acidic and at 14 food is extremely alkaline. Every food has a pH value. Normal drinking water is neutral which is 7. It varies somewhere between 6.5-7.5. pH value of human blood is neutral varies from 7.35-7.45. in today’s time we talk about lifestyle diseases. What are lifestyle diseases? For example if you want to grow rose or lilly in a dessert it will not grow unless you give an environment or create an atmosphere in the dessert where rose or lily can grow. Same way our body needs oxygen and good environment to stay healthy and this can be provided by giving our body alkaline food. Which means pH of those food which range from 7-14 so that the atmosphere in our body is alkaline. Include more of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, nuts and seeds, sprouts in your diet as these are alkaline. Specially include more of cucumber and lemon in your diet. If you are eating non vegetarian food or spicy food or aerated drinks ensure that you are balancing it by eating alkaline food. When you start taking more alkaline food you start creating a good environment in your body and hence disease or germs cannot thrive on it.