Well most of the diseases are the result of wrong eating. By changing food habits and understanding the qualities of food the chances of falling ill is minimal. Well known Ayurveda text book Sushruta Samhita states that by changing dietary habits we may cure ourselves without any medicine. While with hundreds of good medicines diseases cannot be cured if the food is wrong. Food is put into 3 categories, that is, Satvik, Rajasik & Tamasik. The categorizing is done on the basis of their effect on the human body.


They are fresh, juicy, light, nourishing, tasty and sweet. Examples of satvik food are buttermilk, dates, almonds, cucumber, apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, watermelon, pomegranates, coconut, sprouts, rock salt, honey, raisins, fenugreek, black pepper and leafy vegetables. These fresh food give energy to the body and they are easily digestible.


They are bitter, sour, salty, hot, dry and pungent. These food create greed, anger, jealousy and fantasies. These food are tasty but not palatable. They need to be fried and treated with spices before serving. Examples are bread, biscuit, soda, spicy food, fried food, sweets sold in shops and homogenized milk. Ayurveda classifies onions as tamasik but garlic as rajasik because of its medicinal properties.


Tamasik food consume a large amount of energy to get digested. They are unpalatable, bad smelling, old and decaying. Examples of tamasik food are processed, canned and frozen food, meat, fish, eggs, candies, stale food and even overcooked food become tamasik.

Therefore it is very important for us to know our food.