During the lockdown I have lost 6.5 kgs.  Right from the childhood I was a foodie. I used to enjoy food and loved sweets. I never cared much for weight. A few years back I had Diabetes and as a result of which my health started deteriorating. I had back pain, leg pain and knee pain.

Though, I tried to lose weight earlier also, I could not, since I had to go to office and due to time constraint I did was not able to do much. I finally decided to seek professional help and took a pro plan at Aakanksha Desire for Wellness. I still remember, it was 24th March 2020. Lockdown begun and I felt that it was the right time for me to start taking care of my health. Thus my online appointment  was fixed with Nutritionist Bhavani Swaminathan. She gave me a complete package. She mailed me the diet to be followed. Along with diet, I was asked to do Walking for 45 minutes, which I did sincerely during the entire lockdown, of course taking utmost care. I walked inside the campus of my society with mask and then I used to do the indoor exercise walking which she taught me by sending her exercise videos. That motivated me a lot to do exercises and indoor walking. Apart from diet

  • walking for 45 minutes
  • Exercise for 20 minutes
  • Mudra therapy for 25 minutes
  • Pranayam for 30 min
  • Meditation for 15 minutes.

She also told me not to check my weight for a month. To my surprise, I lost 2.5 kgs in a month.

This motivated me and I continued, will be completing 4 months on 24.7.20. Guess what I have lost 6.5 kgs. Follow up of Bhavani is excellent. She is really very good.

When I can lose weight anyone can.

Thanks to Bhavani, Thanks to AAKANKSHA : Desire For Wellness.

Sandhya Murthy

Assistant Manager, The New India Assurance Co.Ltd