There is a chance you will gain weight if you indulge in too many high calorie and comfort foods or stay away from exercises for too long. But if you have hypothyroidism the numbers on the scale can creep up even if you stick firmly to your diet and exercises regular. Let us understand the relationship between overweight and hypothyroidism. Thyroid is a small gland based at the neck, sits in front of the wind pipe and has two sections. It looks like a butterfly and is very light weight about an ounce. But it is an important part of endocrine system. Thyroid produces 2 key hormones that is T3 and T4 which regulates your metabolism or how efficiently your body burns food for energy. When your thyroid makes less of these hormones as it does in hypothyroidism your metabolism slows down. You won’t burn off calories as quickly and you will gain weight. Some of the weight gain is fat but much of it is fluid build ip from the effects of an underactive thyroid on your kidney function. There are no symptoms as such in the beginning. But later it will lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, obesity and depression. Hence it is very important to adopt a new diet and a new lifestyle.

Start subtracting calories from your diet. Avoid completely junk food, fried food, packeted food, desserts. This is the easiest way to trim those calories. Replace desserts with fresh seasonal fruits. Restrict intake of food like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Another way to trim calories is to eat more energy dense foods as they contain fewer calories that will make you feel full, that is, a bowl of vegetable soup or salad. Include all varieties of dals to get enough protein. If you are non vegetarian then add lean protein source like fish, poultry or tofu.

Exercise is another essential component to any weight loss plan. Regular exercise turns your body into a more efficient fat burning machine. Spend 45 minutes each day for exercise. Either go for brisk walk, resistance exercise or cycling. Any activity that makes your heart beat harder and causes you to break a sweat.