Science says that sugar causes all sorts of diseases. We do our best to be healthy. Reducing or eliminating sugar from our diet is something that lot of people attempt and often fail. Ayurveda says that there are six tastes, sweet is being one of them. The sweet taste is considered one of the most vital and this may come as a surprise to many. Eating sweet food is promoted as important and they certainly don’t recommend eliminating it. Ayurveda diet classed many things as sweet food including fruit, honey, milk, rice, wheat and other grains as well. To reduce the risk of sugar related conditions especially overweight and obesity which gives rise to other health issues. We should focus more on consumption of healthy sugars or sugar alternatives rather trying to give up altogether.

Different types of sugars create different types of reactions in the body and healthy sugar impacts in an entirely different way to refined sugar. Refined sugar has a ‘heating’ effect which upsets the doshas that is vata, pitta & kapha. Whereas healthy sugar alternative such as raw honey or rock sugar that is khadi shakkar has soothing and cooling effect. By consuming these type of sugars we are creating a strengthening effect throughout the body by not causing any damage. By eating healthy sugar alternative we are consuming satvik food and this helps to create peace of mind. Consumption of refined sugars aggravate rajasik and tamasik gunas which in turn leads to depression and other debilitating conditions of mind.