Aprajita, a 22-year-old student had a common problem which was acne. She had tried several crèmes, lotion, and other home remedies as well. But nothing worked much. She came with her friend to AAKANKSHA: Desire For Wellness who was undergoing weight loss sessions. Here Aprajita was introduced to  “Fresh Juice Therapy”. There are vast varieties of raw juice using a combination of different vegetables and fruits which has tremendous health benefits. Raw juice therapy is considered as the most effective way to rejuvenate and detoxify the body and restore health.

Aprajita started with this juice therapy and she could see the difference very soon. Her skin texture improved and has become clear.


Avantika is a professional and as a majority of Mumbaikar leads a very hectic life. Too frequent traveling and matching the deadlines keep her constantly under pressure.  We are hearing “sitting is new smoking” which often leads to chronic pain and headaches.

Office jobs require a lot of sitting. Sitting for long hours and in the wrong position creates a lot of problems. The typical “goose-neck” pose we all get when staring at the screen (head jutting forward, shoulders hunched) increases the curve in the mid back, straining the upper neck. Constant slumping actually makes the head heavier, further straining the muscles in the neck. The result? Pain that crawls up into the head. Avantika was suffering from chronic frequent headaches until she started raw juice therapy. Initially, she felt that the juice did not work. But then she started consuming daily without break and continued for four long months. After 1 month she could feel the difference. Now she says she does not get a headache often. The pain is lessened now and she can concentrate more on her work and perform better at the workplace.


Harsh is a young entrepreneur based in Mumbai. He aspires to own a restaurant. He is a real foodie. He says he cannot restrict his love for food and this is the main reason for the inclination towards junk food and overeating at times. This is the reason for him being overweight. He started realizing that he has to reduce his weight to prevent himself to be prone to lifestyle diseases in future. He found it difficult to restrict his diet by following strict diet plans as was not able to stick to them for a long time. Later he was introduced to AAKANKSHA: Desire For Wellness wherein basis his body constitution and his daily routine he was given a diet chart which consisted of a balance of food that he likes as well as the quantity that he should intake at the given point of time. Along with the diet chart he was told to consume raw juice for which he was a bit apprehensive. After the counselling session, he made up his mind to incorporate this juice into his lifestyle on a daily basis. Every morning he would consume one glass of juice. Juice along with the balanced diet made the difference. He says along with his weight loss, blemishes on his skin also disappeared. His skin became softer and brighter. He says he is a healthier individual now and looks stylish and feels energetic when he gets compliments.

Aprajita got rid of acne