This is a topic which is not covered in any of the nutrition or diet books. But it is very important for us to understand about the relationship between vibrations and food. Thought vibrations are subtle and their effect on physiology and human psychology is profound and undeniable. Food is not just inert fuel for our bodies. It is as alive as we are. In today’s time we get variety of food but at the same time eating food is treated carelessly. There are people who do not have time to think about food and there are also people who simply eat and they don’t even think about what they are eating. Some are very particular about what they eat and some stick to few easily available choices. Hence it is very important to generate good vibrations wherever food is grown, sold, served, stored or transported. Person who cooks and serves should be happy while cooking and serving. We are aware of our Indian age old tradition where cook takes bath before entering kitchen. This ritual serves two purposes. One is it makes the cook conscious of the job at hand and other is directing attention towards cooking rather than something else and helping the cook in the right frame of mind. In Indian tradition food is offered to God without tasting, still the cooked food contains everything in the right proportions. This is called as cooking by feeling. Making food for God to taste first, then accepting and eating as Prasad impart high vibration to the food.