Nutrition Wellness Course


All humans have at one time or another dreamt of becoming immortal. Even though we know that everything that is created is eventually destroyed, each of us secretly cherish the hope that Death might in our one case make an exception. India’s ancient rishis (Seers) studied this question and addressed it in hymns which they collected into the oldest compositions of the human race, the Vedas. The Vedas, which are the foundation of Indian culture, emphasize that a potential for immortality is every individual’s birth right. Every embodied individual is composed of a body, mind and a spirit.
Ayurveda teaches that food is the Prana, or life force, of living beings, and that life is a continual search for food. “Life lives off life”, in the words of a Sanskrit proverb: we maintain our own lives by consuming other living beings. Eating is a sacred act, an offering made into the intestinal digestive fire in such a way that the offering is made into the external sacrificial fires.
“We are, what we eat”, is a unique principle of Ayurvedic Nutrition. The changes in our health can be observed through conscious cooking. Whenever healthy living is discussed, food plays a very important role in the discussion. Hence how we cook, how we eat and under what circumstances we eat has a deeper impact on our health (both physical as well as mental). It is important to pay attention to foods we consume to make sure that our digestion stays strong. There are basic rules for food combination which has to be understood thoroughly. Ex : Fruit should never be combined with dairy products or meat and dairy should never be eaten together, etc.


  1. To understand the Principles of Mindful Eating.
  2. To understand the concept of Balanced Nutrition.
  3. To understand Foods and Their Healing Properties.
  4. To understand Food and the Cycles of Nature.
  5. To understand the concept of Conscious Cooking and Conscious Eating


Basic Principles of Mindful Eating
Objectives :

  1. To understand the meaning and concept of Mindful Eating.
  2. To understand different ways to practice mindful eating.
  3. To understand how different emotions forces us to eat (i.e sad, lonely, etc) and how to curb this.
  4. To understand which foods are emotionally curbing.
  5. To understand how to stop ignoring our body’s signals.

Concept of Balanced Nutrition
Objectives :

  1. To understand foods that yield us energy, proteins & fats.
  2. To understand foods that fuel our system, carbohydrates.
  3. To understand foods that regulate the bodily processes, vitamins & minerals.
  4. To understand water as a medicine as well as a destroyer.
  5. To understand the great role of salt in the growth and development of the human body.

Foods & Their Healing Properties
Objectives :

  1. To understand the Curative Qualities of Milk.
  2. To understand the Cooling Effect of Rice.
  3. To understand the Healing Properties of Fruits.
  4. To understand the Nutritious Qualities of Vegetables.
  5. To understand the Medicinal Qualities of Indian Spices.

Food & Cycles of Nature
Objectives :

  1. Introduction to Foods according to the Seasons.
  2. To understand the importance of spring foods.
  3. To understand the benefits of Summer Foods.
  4. To understand the strength of Winter Foods.
  5. To understand foods for each day of the week.

Conscious Cooking Conscious Eating
Objectives :

  1. To understand the concept of Satwik Food.
  2. To understand what is the difference between Satwik, Rajasik & Tamasik Food.
  3. To understand the impact of Satwik food on humans.
  4. To understand the impact of pleasant sensory responses on health.
  5. To understand the importance of five senses on regulated weight.

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