Mothers are always bothered about their child’s health, nutrition & food. Most of the children are fussy when it comes to eating. Also as mothers we need to take care by providing them with all the micro & macro nutrients. Children need foods that yield energy, that fuel their systems, that provide them with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. To build up the body, repair the worn out parts and regulate the body processes they need all the nutrients. Diet plays a crucial role in the child’s development.

Apart from the diet follow the simple rules/things with your kids for healthy eating:

1. Environment: Your child should be eating food in a relaxed state. Give him/her fresh home cooked food.

2. Focus on Food: Do not give gadgets or phone or allow the child to watch television while eating. Rather tell him stories so that he enjoys food. Let the child concentrate on food rather than phone.

3. Use Your Kitchen Rather than Apps: Our own kitchen can create magic. Do not regularly use apps to order food. Instead create your own recipies for your kids. That’s what our previous generations used to do.

4. Going Back To Roots: Let the child go out and play and do some exercise. This will help him to build strength and will remain fit.

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