Coconut is very popular in India and is considered as a holy food. It is also sent as a token of good luck in Indian marriages. Coconut is oily & smooth in nature and used in lot of food preparations especially in Southern parts of India. Protein found in coconut is regarded as high quality because it contains all the amino acids necessary for the body. It is also a good source of B vitamins and several minerals. When it is cold pressed, the oil is easily digestible. Coconut, green or ripe and coconut milk neutralizes or reduces stomach acids. Coconut milk is a refreshing drink because of its alkaline nature. Dried coconut (khopra) is good for the intestines because of its particular chemical content, the digestive residue serves as a brush to clean intestines. Coconut oil is excellent for hair growth, is cooling when used in sunburned skin, great for healing wounds, also moisturises the skin and is widely used in cosmetics & shampoos. There are many more amazing benefits of coconut. So start using coconut in your diet to lead a healthy life.

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