Fasting is defined as “complete voluntary abstinence from taking any kind of food for particular time, in order to give rest to the digestive system”. Fasting in a way is helpful to get rid of excess flesh tainted with toxic filth. This can be considered as one of the most hygienic practices that gives rest to the digestive system and can also help in curing diseases. It is also one of the cheapest and important mode of treatment.
Fasting can be classified into 3 different categories :
1. Short Duration : 2-5 days (with water and fruits)
2. Intermittent : 1-2 days (mainly with satvik diet)
3. Long Duration : More than 10 days
Fasting also depends on different methods :
1. Dry fasting : without drinking water
2. Water fasting : for acute diseases
3. Juice fasting : Acidic – for obesity & respiratory disease
Alkaline – for kidney disorders and diabetes
4. Fruit fasting : for weak person
5. Mono diet fasting : Only one type of diet in meal
Fasting (vrat/upwas) is a very old concept in Indian tradition. But in present day it has become a trendy fitness and lifestyle practice. In Hindu religion Ekadashi is said to be one of the most important day to observe fasting falls on the eleventh day of the fortnight. Apart from religious and spiritual significance fasting on Ekadashi also act as a preventive medicine. Maximum fasting is done during this period for the weather will aid in indigestion and also the quality of food is degenerative. Hence fasting is not only a part of worship, but a great instrument for self-discipline too.
Method of Fasting
Fasting is considered not from the last meal, but after the meal has been digested. One should drink water when ever he feels hungry. Daily from sunrise the faster should be without food for 6 hours or more, until natural hunger is experienced and then take a light meal with positive food. 2 meals per day is ideal. Chronically ill patients are not fit for fasting.
Preparation for Fasting
It is safe to prepare system for the fast through low protein diet, rich in positive minerals or raw food diet. For prolonged fast supplement in the form of dilute acid, acid fruit juices which have neutralizing effect on toxins and elimination effect. They are splendid tonics, antiseptics and life elements.

Breaking the Fast
Small quantity of light food, which can be digested easily like dilute fruit juices, tender coconut water, vegetable soups and thin butter milk should be taken. Later when digestive power increases, heavy foods can be consumed. After recovery always consume positive food (sprouts, salads, fruits, fresh juice) in the required quantity.
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