Benefits of Cooking in Clay Pots

In India, our ancestors used to cook in clay pots. Due to urbanization clay pots are now replaced by metals like steel, aluminium and non-stick pans. Are we more smarter than our ancestors? We think that since financially we are more stronger than our ancestors and hence we are more smarter than them.  We have the resources available with us to make our life easy. Have we ever thought that why in olden days people used clay pots for cooking? Was there any scientific reason behind it? Now it’s time to analyse the reasons and find out whether we should again switch back to the clay pots replacing steel, aluminium, non-stick cookware, etc.

During olden days it was said that when food when cooked in the presence of sunlight and air gives maximum health benefit.  While cooking in the clay pot the clay lid will not completely cover the pot. Air will be moving in and out from all the sides and when the lid is opened in between cooking, the food will get sunlight. The second most important point which is scientifically proven is that 100%  nutritive value of the food is retained when cooked in clay pots. Whereas if the food is cooked in bronze or copper then only 90% of  its nutritive value is retained and if the utensil used for cooking  is aluminium then only 7%-13% nutritive value is retained. Consumption of food cooked in clay pots can make us stay away from diseases like bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, cancer,etc. These are the main factors why we need to switch back to cooking in clay pots.

At the same time when we decide to replace our kitchen with the earthernware then some important points has to be taken care of.

  1. The mud which is used to make the pots should not be from  the nearby city area as there is too much of human interference. It means that this mud would have come in touch with the detergent and sewage which in turnwould  pollute the natural element of mud.
  2. Handmade pots should be bought and not machine made. The reason is when the pots are prepared manually the unwanted stones and other things are removed. But in machine made pots, the stones and pebbles and other unwanted things will be processed automatically which will not be beneficial during cooking. The quality will be depleted.
  3. The bottom of the clay pot should be rough compared to the upper portions because then only the pot will get heated  properly using less fuel and the food will be cooked retaining all the nutrients.
  4. You will be surprised to know that when you are filling clay bottle with RO water which does not have any mineral in it,  the natural nutrients of the mud/clay will get mixed with water and provides minerals to the water. Keep the bottle filled for one hour, the water will be replenished with all minerals present in the mud.

Now its high time to understand that our ancestors were more smart and intelligent than us. So let us go back to our roots and start preparing and eating in clay pots and get all the nutrition required by our body without consuming pills for  calcium or vitamins or minerals.


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