Natural Instant Remedy for Dysentery

You would not like to tell your boss the reason for your absentism is ‘loosies’! The situation becomes worse when you have sensitive stomach. Dysentery is one of the common gastro intestinal disorder. There are lot of grandmother’s home remedies. The best and the easiest remedy is given below. It works very fast and is very effective. This is a wonderful remedy to end loose motions.

All you need is :

1 small cup milk

Half lemon

What you have to do ?

Step 1 : Keep the cup of milk in one hand

Step 2 : Take cut lemon in other hand

Step 3 : Now squeeze 3-4  drops of lemon and drink right away before milk curdles.

How it works?

Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory and acidic qualities which can calm sour intestines. When lemon juice is added to milk, it increases milk’s acidity and lowers its pH.

How often you should take ?

In case of severe dysentery it can be taken 3-4 times whereas in mild case only once is enough. This immediately stops loose motions.


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