Mudra Therapy

EARTH,  the characteristic attribute is solidity or strength.

WATER, thecharacteristic attribute is fluidity or instability.

FIRE, the power that can convert a substance from solid to liquid to gas or vice versa. The characteristic attribute is alteration or modification.

AIR, the characteristic attribute is flexible or dynamism. Air is existence without form.

SPACE, has no physical existence; it exists only as the distances that separate matter.

The universe is composed of these five elements. The human body is also composed of the same five elements, being a miniature universe. Good Health can be maintained only by a balanced and controlled functioning of each of these elements. Diseases are caused when there is an imbalance in these elements. These elements can be balanced in a number of ways. One of the easiest ways is practising Mudra Therapy as it is the most simple thing to do anywhere, any time and costs nothing.

The five fingers of each hand represent the five elements.

Fire     Thumb

Air   Index Finger

Space     Middle Finger

Fire      Ring Finger

Fire    Little Finger


Benefits :

  1. It empowers mind and has positive effect on emotions.
  2. It also empowers the heart thereby increasing its efficiency.
  3. It reduces the disorders of nervous system, drowsiness and lethargy.


Benefits :

  1. Anxiety, stress, and restlessness are reduced.
  2. Reduces flatulence and constipation.
  3. Reduces breathlessness and palpitations.


Benefits :

  1. This mudra detoxifies the body by the elimination of the metabolic wastes.
  2. Overcome heaviness in the body.
  3. To overcome discomfort by over eating.



  1. Overcome dryness of eyes.
  2. Scanty urination.
  3. Indigestion & constipation.



  1. Helps to overcome general debility & laziness.
  2. Overcome excessive thirst.
  3. Helps reduce frequent urination.

Should be practiced for 45 minutes per day before or after meals, for that matter anytime of the day. It can be done either at one stretch or in 3 parts, that is, 15 minutes, thrice a day.


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