Human body needs foods that yield energy, that fuel our systems, that provides us with proteins, fats & carbohydrates. To build up the body, repair the worn out parts and regulate the bodily processes, we need proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Right food is the only key to good health. Most of the diseases are the result of wrong eating habits. By understanding the properties of food and if food is cooked properly and is taken in the season and in the right quantities, the likelihood of falling ill is minimal.

Adolescents are much inclined towards eating fast food and junk food which is a major cause of over weight and obesity. By guiding them properly and providing them with interesting home made food will reduce these health issues to a larger extent. A very easy home made wheat bread with sugar free apple jam tastes yummy which can be an excellent & nutirtious breakfast for the growing kids. Mothers need not buy the bread from the market everytime. Rather try this simple yeast free bread at home accompanied by sugar free apple jam.

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