hool Makhanas or Lotus seeds, also known as Fox Nuts finds its significance in in India, especially during Navratri. Makhanas can be roasted or fried in little ghee. They pop up and resembl
e popcorn. The beauty of these seeds are in their versatility. They can be tossed with black salt as healthy snack option or can be used to make delicious kheer. Paste of makhanas is even used as a key ingredient in many Japanese and Chinese dessserts.
Fox Nuts come with great health benefits :
1. They are ideal snack as they are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium.
2. Due to its high magnesium and low sodium content they are beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure.
3. They are good for diabetics too due to their low glycemic index.
4. Astringent properties of fox nuts benefits kidneys. It helps to strengthen spleen and kidneys.
5. They are glute-free and protein rich. This is why they make such an important part of fasting food. A handful of makhanas provide energy to last the entire day.
6. They have an abundance of anti-oxidants and hence a great anti-ageing food.
7. Fox nuts aids in flushing out the toxins from the body.
8. Fox nuts also have anti-bacterial properties.
This power packed makhanas can be included in our diet in any from right from healthy snack to main course and dessert as well.

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