When we are tired or depleted, ingestion of milk rejuvenates and allows us to become active again. When the digestion is poor, various organs are unable to receive their proper supply of nutrients and thus start ageing quickly. The main cause of premature ageing stems from the deposits of food materials in the intestinal walls. This condition paralyzes the process of assimilation-the main job of intestines. If the waste materials that stick to the intestinal walls are expelled properly, all the organs will receive proper food supply and the problem of premature ageing will be removed or will not arise.

Milk cleanses the digestive tract. It removes toxins and waste products from the stomach and intestines and supplies the body with a nutritious material that is readily digestible and esily convertible into blood. Since milk proteins contain many amino acids, it aids the stomach during digestion. In fact, it helps all stages of digestion, that is, in the mouth, stomach and small intestine.

Milk fasts may also cure nervous disorders – insomnia, neurosis, headaches, irritability and dullness. These fasts are also said to cure the diseases of the stomach – peptic ulcers, intestinal ulcers and acidity. It can be concluded, many diseases can be cured by milk fasts.

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