Why seek a cure for any disease when little steps you take today can lead to a healthier and happier tomorrow?

In order to lead a disease free life, it is very important to incorporate yoga and pranayama in our daily lives. It is very important to maintain the hardware and as well as the software of a computer for its proper functioning. In the same way, yogasanas help to maintain our hardware (body) and pranayama helps to maintain our software (internal organs). By just investing 20-25 minutes each day to practice yoga and pranayama will help us to maintain good health and we will not be emptying our pockets for buying medicines. Easy and simple yogasans can be practised safely without any supervision.

This write up is divided into 2 parts :

  1. Yogasanas
  2. Pranayam


Following are the asanas along with their benefits to stay fit.

  1. Dhanurasana

This asana is effective in

  1. Weight loss
  2. Strengthens back muscles a releases back pain
  3. Cures menstruation disorders
  4. Improves the functioning of pancreas and hence beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.
  5. Cures constipation.

2. Vajrasana

  1. This is the most easiest asanas and very effective for
  2. Digestion as it stimulates the vajranadi
  3. Relieves constipation
  4. Strengthens lower back, thighs and legs.

3. Pawanmuktasana.

This asana is excellent for

  1. Stretching the neck and back.
  2. The abdominal muscles and the internal organs as they get compressed thereby increasing the blood circulation and stimulates the nerves, increasing the efficiency of the internal organs.
  3. The pressure on the abdomen releases any trapped gases in the large intestine.
  4. Blood circulation as it is increased to all the internal organs.
  5. Digestive system as it improves digestion.
  6. Relieves constipation.
  7. Strengthens the lower back muscles and loosens the spinal vertebrae.


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