Dried beans, lentils or peas are collectively referred to as dals. As dals serve major source of protein in an Indian diet they accompany most meals. Dals come in many shapes, sizes, split or whole, with or without skin. All dals except moong (mug) dal produce gas. One of the most significant benefits of moong dal is it has lot of fibres and plant based protein. It helps to reduce weight. Moong dal is also a high source of nutrients like manganese, potassium, magnesium, folate, zinc and essential B vitamins. In India, the most popular way to prepare is to cook dal in water adding only turmeric powder, coriander powder & salt.

After eating a full bowl of dal rice, mom says “ you’ve eaten so less beta”. This is mumma’s love. It is a common practice in Indian households to make dal khichdi especially during indigestion or during sickness. But do you know dal khichdi is extremely beneficial during monsoon especially when consumed with a dollop of ghee as it soothes the digestive tract. Here’s a simple yet tasty recipe of moong dal khichdi. You can accompany it with achaar and papad and dahi. It tastes amazing and supplies all the nourishment required by our body.

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