Food is not just fuel for our body, it is as alive as we are. Food manufacturers are not concerned about the vibrations of their products. Lot of people go the restaurants, bars . They sit and chat and at the same time have little snack, tea, coffee. Many people do not even think about food when they are eating. They just eat as they are hungry. They are least interested in knowing what they are eating. On the other hand, there are also people who like to explore different tastes. Few realise the importance of understanding the qualities of food and the nature of their own living habits.

Cooking is an art and, at the same time, science. The art form involves an emotional relationship between the food and the cook. Cleaning, cutting and chopping food are activities that can be performed with a sense of rhythm and relaxation. Cooking can be enjoyed as much as any other art. The science of cooking requires knowledge of cooking temperatures and food properties, food combinations and medicinal applications. In India, there is a tradition of not tasting food before it has been offered to God. Indian people are able to cook food that contains everything in right proportions. This can be called as “cooking by feeling”. Food provides higher energy if it is cooked as an offering (Prasad) to God.

Though vibrations are subtle and their effect on physiology and thus on human psyche, is profound and undeniable. Body chemistry is directly influenced by food input – “you are what you eat”. Hence understanding the relationship between vibrations and food is very important. Making food for God to taste first, then accepting and eating it as Prasad, cooking food in proper state of mind, meditating before eating. These practices helps the cook to remain clean and pure, both physically and mentally. This imparts high vibration to the food. As eating is worship; it should not take place in an unsuitable atmosphere. Also food should not be cooked or eaten in panic. Food when cooked in spirit of holiness, the vibrations in the form of subtle charges blend into the food and make it taste divine.

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